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Wedding Day Tips and Traditions

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in a person's life, and there is so much to learn and prepare for on this special day. Whether you're the bride, groom, or a member of the bridal party, the wedding day can be both exhilarating and overwhelming.

This blog post focuses on wedding day tips and traditions that can be extremely helpful in the wedding planning process. This type of post offers practical advice and suggestions on how to make the most of your special day. From choosing the perfect dress to navigating tricky family dynamics, you'll find helpful advice and insider knowledge, from previous clients of mine, that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Additionally, reading about wedding traditions from around the world can be a fun and educational experience. You might learn about new customs and rituals that you never knew existed and even find inspiration for your own wedding day and culture.

So don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from experienced wedding experts like me and make your wedding day the best it can be. Read below for more on wedding day tips and traditions today!

Apparently, it is a superstition or good luck to walk from your ceremony to your reception, starting your marriage off on the right photo.

Here are some unique wedding day tips or tricks:

  1. Incorporate your personal interests and hobbies into the wedding, such as having a book-themed wedding for book lovers or a video game-themed wedding for gamers.

  2. Use your wedding as an opportunity to give back to a cause close to your heart, such as by making a donation to a charity or volunteering together as a couple.

  3. Plan a wedding day first look with your partner before the ceremony to capture special moments without the pressure of a crowd.

  4. Create a wedding website to share all of the important details, including your love story, wedding day schedule, and accommodations for guests.

  5. Consider a non-traditional wedding venue, such as a national park, a museum, or a historic landmark, to add a unique touch to your special day.

  6. Use food and drink to add a personal touch to your wedding, such as serving your favorite childhood snacks or creating signature cocktails.

  7. Have a wedding day schedule with built-in breaks to give you and your partner time to recharge and spend quality time together.

  8. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, consider alternative dessert options, such as a pie or ice cream bar.

  9. Use a wedding hashtag to encourage guests to share their photos and memories from the day. A classic but still useful to this day!

Remember, the goal of your wedding day is to create memories and celebrate your love, so feel free to get creative and make it a unique and memorable experience for you and your partner.

This past wedding season I saw such a variety of traditions for celebrating a wedding ceremony. More and more couples are bringing back traditions or starting new ones to make their ceremony more specialized to their relationship, culture, and interests.

Here are some unique wedding day traditions to consider:

  1. Handfasting: A Celtic tradition where the couple's hands are tied together with a ribbon or cord to symbolize their union.

  2. Jumping the broom: An African-American tradition where the couple jumps over a broom to symbolize sweeping away the old and bringing in the new.

  3. Wine box ceremony: A couple seals a box of wine with a letter to themselves, to be opened on their first anniversary or a later milestone. This is a great option for a modern-day couple eloping or having an outdoor ceremony where other traditions and ceremonial moments are being passed. It also makes for a great date and time capsule to come.

  4. A love letter and gift exchange: The couple writes letters to each other, expressing their love and commitment, and exchanges gifts before the ceremony.

  5. Sand ceremony: The couple combines different colored sand into one container to symbolize the blending of their lives into one. I have often seen this tradition incorporate family members that are also being "married in" on that day such as children, parents, grandparents, etc.

  6. Tree planting ceremony: The couple plants a tree together to symbolize the growth and strength of their love.

  7. First look with parents: The couple shares a private moment with their parents before the ceremony to show appreciation for their support and love. It only takes a few minutes and can make for some lifelong memories and photos. If there is someone special you want a first look with, do it! This is a wedding day tradition that is here to stay.

  8. Unity candle ceremony: The couple lights a single candle together, symbolizing the joining of two families and lives.

  9. Stone ceremony: The couple each selects a stone and adds it to a jar, symbolizing the individual strengths they bring to their relationship.

Traditions serve to incorporate meaningful and unique elements into your wedding day. They should reflect your personality, values, and love as a couple. Have. fun exploring the different options and pick tips and traditions that align with you!

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