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Small Tips for Detailed Wedding Photos

Detail shots may or may not be your thing when it comes to wedding day photos. Some brides tell me to graze over this section while others crave every detail being photographed. Whichever way you choose, here are some tips to help me or any other photographer get the best-detailed shots for you!

  1. Bring your Save the Date & Invitation

This is an easy step to do and offers great versatility in detailed shots. I often request brides toss a handful of items into a ziplocked bag for me. This ensures you get the items back as well as they stay crisp and fresh from rain or spills.

2. Communicate Details with your Photographer

Sounds simple! Communicating or basically just talking about your wedding day and details can greatly help. Have pockets in your wedding dress? Show them to me! Stiched in your new last name? Show me! Have a donut wall! Tell ME all about it before the day of! The more I know - the better prepared I can come!

3. Hand Write the Vows or a Love Note

This is one of my favorite things a few of my couples do! Handwriting a note to each other to read or handwriting the vows is such an intimate touch. You can keep it simple with some white paper or opt-in for a cute vow booklet to keep! Handwritten notes are a great alternative to a first look. They often provide great emotional shots and moments plus a sentimental love note to cling onto for years to come - if you are like me!

4. Splurge on a Hanger // or Don't!

Some clients order a hanger for their dress with a cute wired name, others don't! Whichever way you slice it, I always have a backup wooden option on deck! Nothing ruins a dress shot more than a plastic hanger!

5. Have the Rings in One Place

This is more of a helpful item for me! If you can, have the wedding bands together in the morning. This allows me to snag a few detailed shots of the rings and ensure they get into the right hands come to the ceremony! Another tip is to bring the boxes the rings came in. Often you forget simply because you are used to wearing the RING, but the packaging can help protect and keep track of the ring! Plus the packaging sometimes is cute to photograph or has a sentimental touch from the proposal.

6. Flowers

Flowers are truly one of the unknown costs of a wedding until you have them on yourself. There are a handful of ways to approach this wedding detail. Some brides get the whole work while others stick with a bouquet just for themselves. Either way to go about it, ensure it represents who you are and what you have in mind. My favorite floral details or approaches include wooden flowers, picking what is in season, or minimizing the male floral details. Trust me - they rarely make it through the ceremony and more often than not are a speed bump in the day.

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