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6 Reasons You Should Plan a First Look // Wedding Planning

Trends seem to come and go, and First Looks has been one to stick around. It’s important to consider this section of photos when wedding planning or trying to determine the start time of your ceremony. If your immediate reaction to the idea of doing a first look is absolutely not, you’re not alone. More often than not, my brides do not want to see their grooms. Bad luck? I don't know. However, after learning more about what a first look is—and where the “tradition” of seeing each other for the first time at the altar really comes from—many have changed their minds!

First looks do not need to be a bride and groom as well. I love my Dad/ Daughter or Mother/Son first looks. Having your bridal party all see you at once together can be fun! Any significant other can make for a touching moment. If you have someone in mind, let me know and we can add this to your timeline.

  1. You will look your best - Not to be rude but simply your hair, makeup, and flowers will be as fresh as possible during a first look. Do you want to look your absolute best in your wedding day photos? Then a first look is a way to go. Taking portraits before the ceremony ensures that your hair, makeup, and flowers will be as fresh as possible in pictures. No heat, rain, humidity, or "nature" can happen at this point, hopefully! No touch-ups are required!

  2. Calms the nerves - If you are nervous about the vows, ceremony, people, XYZ....first looks could be for you! You can exchange intimate moments then. Get sweet shots together and take a little stress off of the ceremony. Taking portraits after your ceremony can be distracting. We often have a family to add in and you will want to be at the reception and celebrating with guests. Doing a first look earlier in the day will help you to remain fully present come the party!

  3. No Bad Luck! Doing a first look does not break tradition. The true roots of this custom aren’t quite as romantic as we would think. This tradition is based on judging appearance and often forced weddings. My best advice: Pick any other wedding tradition or make your own! This is one tradition worth tossing!

  4. Plan around the weather. If you are getting married in Northern Michigan, you should be ready to handle some weather changes. First looks allow you to get time outdoors and in locations, you had in mind. Often, after a ceremony, we have fewer daylight or weather openings to work with. Plus, first looks usually mean the bride and groom are still dry, come unexpected ceremony downpours.

  5. Get those truly emotional photos. While we all imagine grooms tearing up at the altar, this isn’t always the case. Most grooms feel nervous at the display. A first look is private and intimate, allowing you the opportunity to experience the moment together without the pressure of the families watching you. Without anyone present or other's expectations, you both can truly react and have genuine emotions. Plus you can touch, talk, and not immediately jump into a ceremony.

  6. It can allow for a better wedding experience. Last but not least, adding a first look to your timeline will also allow your family and wedding party to enjoy the cocktail hour you’ve planned, soak in the day, and spend minimal time taking pictures. This leaves the cocktail hour for me to photograph you with your families, friends, etc. Get those group and candid shots that are happening during your wedding day.

From my experience, I truly believe that doing the first look will give you the best possible wedding day experience and photos. If you have more questions or need more convincing, shoot me a message!

* Daughters & Groom // First-Look

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