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S & C // Lake Michigan Wedding


Shawna and Clint have a love story for the history books and a passionate love to match it. Being able to capture a part of their wedding celebration was a soul-reviving type of workday. The beach elopement/intimate wedding was just the start of their wedding adventures with amazing 1920's themed reception weeks to follow.

Shawna's stunning beach house served as the perfect wedding venue and Lake Michigan calmed down for a warm, waveless day, making the best background. Clint built the beautiful ceremony arch as well as many additional wood details around the home. Guests gathered on the beach to soak in the sun, enjoy a drink and celebrate the ceremony and marriage of Shawna and Clint. The ceremony was simple, original, and packed full of sweet Shawna moments and Clint crying along the way in her presence.

To see more of this wedding gallery please click the link below

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