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Riley and Joel Sneak Peek // Houghton Michigan Wedding

A full blog post to come from Riley & Joel's wedding day, but I wanted to share a sneak peek on the site for y'all to see as well. I usually get sneak peeks out 24 hours or less after the wedding day and they strictly contain images of you and your newlywed! My goal in sharing these is to hopefully give you a proper image or two to share on the "socials" or give you a gallery to soak in while you honeymoon.

These sneak peeks are often edited in the wee hours of the morning or night and I do not have a rhythm or reason as to what images to share first! For Riley & Joel's I clearly was feeling the leaves over anything else to share. I try and select 40-75 of my favorite images from your day, but sometimes I miss a few. If you are worried I miss something like the first kiss because you didn't see it in the sneak peek, do not worry, it exists, it just didn't make the CUT!

I also try and keep sneak peeks focused to just the bride and groom. I do not want to forget one sibling, groomsmen, parent, etc, and upset any feelings. Trust me, it has happened before. I occasionally snag immediate family in but usually play it safe. If there is ever a group, person or photo you want immediately that you know of, ask and we can get it delivered.

Lastly, If you hate anything you see in the sneak peek, reach out! It's easier to please y'all now than after the full gallery is delivered. I am here to make you happy!

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