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Paradigm Coffee and Music // Sheboygan WI

Post sunrise engagement session calls for a good breakfast and even better coffee. I also had to immediately call my mother because Paradigm also has Kombucha on TAP! One of our favorite delicacies of the 21st century.

Paradigm offered Collectivo Coffee, amazing bagels or breakfast sandwiches, local and fresh ingredients, and endless stickers/t-shirts / mugs. We picked up a bag of Collectivo beans to bring home to Michigan.

This outdoor community space was just hustlin and bustlin with families and doggos for entertainment! They have a calendar full of galleries, music lineups, and community events!

Post breakfast we enjoyed Deland Park and the adjacent Marina. The walkout to the lighthouse was a perfect waste of time before we were headed off to a 1st-grade soccer game - we had front-row seats to go snag!

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