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Keweenaw Peninsula Wedding & Elopement Locations

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The Keweenaw Peninsula can offer breathtaking views and venues that can suite larger weddings to intimate elopements. Listed below are some of my personal favorite areas to tie the knot as well as a few I have been looking forward to working at. From waterfalls, lake-fronts, historic buildings and even mountains tops, it has something for every adventurous couple. I include descriptions as venues vary from hosting larger weddings to intimate stops. If you see something you love that can't fit your crew, we can always make a quick stop to capture something amazing.

Brockway Mountain

Brockway Mountain is located just a few minutes outside of downtown Copper Harbor. This area features a near 10 mile scenic drive with spectacular views of the Keweenaw Peninsula & Lake Superior. There are multiple areas here for intimate elopements or makes a great stop with a bridal party. It has easy access in the summer months but can be filled with mountain bikers & hikers. In the winter, its a winter-wonderland hike with a few snowmobilers to wave on by.

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

This venue offers both indoor and outdoor options ideal for the ever changing rain and sunshine in this area. Located in beautiful Copper Harbor Michigan, this lodge offers couples an unforgettable destination wedding experience as well as a historical tie to the area. One of the most iconic venues in the area.

Great Sand Bay

The Great Sand Bay is located a few minutes from Eagle Harbor, and around 20 minutes from Copper Harbor. It's a spot that is near and dear to my heart with gorgeous tan/white sand beaches. Across the road is George Hite Dunes and Marshes Preserve. This is a great spot for photos or an engagement session. This location is one of my favorite in the area.

Keweenaw Castle Resort

The Keweenaw Castle is a family-owned luxury b&b with 4 guest suites. This venue is ready for small wedding or elopement at any time of the year, or makes a great area for bridal parties to stay. The “castle” itself is located on Lake Superior and offers sunset views and rocky shoreline. Its closely located minutes away from Copper Harbor and 45 minutes North of Houghton MI

McLain State Park

A perfect venue for a couple looking to host camping or rustic cabin stays. Beach fronts and even a calm harbor & lighthouse area. It can be busy in the summer months and has limited access in the winter. Campsites & cabins for rent. Cabins for rent year round. Offers sunset views as well!

Harbor Haus

A Modern & German-style restaurant in Copper Harbor on the shore of Lake Superior. This location offers stunning views of the lake and the Copper Harbor Lighthouse. In 2021 the Harbor Haus added a larger & modern event space for weddings or larger gatherings. They offer a strong support staff and can help you plan an unforgettable elopement or wedding ceremony. Offers both indoor and outdoor options - which is lovely in this sometimes rainy area.

Trails End Campground

Located in Copper Harbor MI, this is an adventurous location for a couple looking for a camping experience. It offers a handful of modern rustic -tiny home like cabins as well as campsites. It offers a more industrial modern aesthetic with an upscale atmosphere. It's a unique venue for this area. This would be one of my top picks for my own wedding shenanigans.

Estivant Pines

One of Michigan’s oldest forests of White Pine trees and a destination for an adventurous couple. Gives you the Pacific North West feels while still being in Michigan. The trail is approximately 1.5 miles and offers views of massive white pines and old growth.

Bete Gris

Bete Gris is located near Lac La Belle and southwest of Copper Harbor. The beach faces east and is soft white sand. The background is the lovely handful of mountains in the Keweenaw. It offers intimate elopement opportunities or a great stop with a bridal party if in the copper harbor area.

Mt. Bohemia

Mt. Bohemia is a ski resort I enjoy in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The resort has cabins and yurts available year-round to rent, plus a newly added nordic spa. Gives you ski resort vibes in an intimate setting. The staff at Mt. Bohemia is wonderful and would be happy to help you plan your perfect elopement ceremony. I am yet to see a wedding here but would love to photograph one!

The Woodlands

Located outside of Houghton, Michigan. The Woodlands Outdoor Wedding & Events is a great options for a natural setting and around 150 guests or less. The site offers views of rolling hills and tall pines. Event tents and portable luxury bathrooms are included. They also offer option for camping.

Michigan Tech University -Houghton, MI

The Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts is space available for rent. It can host larger settings like weddings and offers great natural light with larger windows. A location that offers indoor hosting & amply parking. Michigan Tech is not only a great place to go to school but also to tie the knot! Contact the center for more info.

Bonfire at The Continental Fire Co. – Houghton, MI

Bonfire is a restaurant- bar-event space in downtown Houghton, Michigan. It offers a more industrial modern aesthetic with an upscale atmosphere. It's a unique venue for this area.

Jacobsville Finnish Lutheran Church – Jacobsville, Michigan, MI

The Jacobsville Finnish Lutheran Church is a church located near Jacobsville, Michigan. It was designated a Michigan State Historic Site in 1977 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Its a great location and located near a lighthouse and beach area.

*Please note many of these locations are natural areas and preserves. Weather & insects may be a factor and should be considered. In addition, If you use the land, we also will leave the land as we found it. No litter, lost cans, flowers that don't belong, XYZ. These locations are breathtaking and naturally beautiful - lets keep them wild and free that way. If you would like more information on any of the listed venues, reach out and I can help answer questions or send you in the right direction!

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